It’s time we the people take our country back from the corporations and lobbyists who have had control for way too long.

Kacey Morgan

for U.S. Senate



Big money is in control of our government and it’s up to us to take back the voice of the people with someone willing to change the game. 

Kacey is working to get the money completely out of politics and leading by example by not fundraising a single dollar for her campaign and instead she is fundraising for the community and asking you to donate in her honor to your favorite local nonprofit.

Money is great, but it does not belong in government decision making, or political campaigns. With 5.7 BILLION spent in congressional campaigns in 2018 and 6.5 BILLION spent in during the last presidential election season.  



Kacey is sure there is a better way to spend the over 45 billion dollars that has been wasted on campaign signs and mailers that ended up in a landfill since 1998. 

Between the money wasted on campaign spending and the 11 Billion Trump wants spend to build a wall, that’s 56 Billion dollars that Kacey believes could go to a lot of better things. From fixing Flint’s water crisis, to building a nationwide high speed rail, or creating agricultural jobs and temporary family housing at the border for refugees. 


Give to your favorite nonprofit in Kacey’s honor

If these ideas resonate with you, it is up to you to help us get the word out about Kacey and help us take back our government in 2020.  



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Where Does Kacey Stand on The Issues?

Morality and Religion

Kacey grew up in a Christian home and actively attended church through high school, but in young adulthood she went through an ‘atheist phase’ actively denying all religion. But in 2015 after the sudden death of her very close friend, Kacey immediately felt more connected with God, the source energy or whatever it is in the universe that keeps us all connected.

Now Kacey is more spiritual than religious and happily respects everyone’s right to practice their own religion in their own way. Religion has no place in politics however strong moral convictions do. Kacey believes in always being honest, kind and to always treat others with respect and dignity and equal consideration for their right to live free and pursue happiness.    



Equality is one of Kacey’s core values. She believes that every living being deserves equal consideration to live a free life in pursuit of happiness  without pain or suffering and for Kacey, that includes non-human animals.

People may ask why we should consider animals when all people do not yet have equality, but Kacey believes that when you decide that equal rights should not require someone to be a member of your own species it becomes easy to carry that idea to our fellow human beings who are not like us.

Exploitation, discrimination or pain and suffering of any kind are terrible and should be prevented or minimized irrespective of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, species or anything else that might make us ‘different’ from one another.




If all creatures deserve the right to live a free and happy life, should we ban abortion? This is a single voter for many.  While having an abortion is not a choice Kacey would make personally, she would never deny the right of someone else to make their own personal choice, within reason.

Just like animals, the question is not whether the fetus/baby deserves to live, but can they suffer? The fact is that, babies can feel pain in the womb as early as 7 weeks.  Educating women and encouraging them to make their decision quickly is ideal.  I would not overturn Roe v. Wade, and I support the right of each state legislature to make mandates regarding abortions in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. At the same time, I would support funding for sexual education and pregnancy prevention to continue lowering abortion rates , which are the lowest they’ve been since they became legal in 1973.




What happens to our planet impacts us all and we owe it to future generations to preserve and restore our environment.

Kacey never understood the idea of arguing over whether climate change is real or not. If in the end all we do is make a cleaner planet, with more trees, breathable air, and clean water, then will it all still be worth it?  Kacey likes to think so. Wilderness is not just a safe haven for the animals we share our planet with, but it is a world heritage and it is our duty to protect it. 

P.S. Styrofoam and plastic, we are coming for you.    



Kacey’s sister in law is an immigrant, so this issue hits close to home.

The bottom line about immigrants is their only different because of where they were born, and just like skin color it is a circumstance none of us has chosen for ourselves. It is wrong to separate families and it is wrong to build a wall. It is also a huge waste of money to do so. Rather, there are solutions from putting an end to the terrorist cartels, to creating temporary housing to keep families together while they apply for sanctuary.  


Gun Control

 Guns guns guns, our second amendment right must be upheld. Stopping mass shootings and gun violence is a huge priority, but Kacey believes that guns are the tool, not the problem. People are the problem and we have to figure out the cause.  The Bill of Rights clearly states that  “A well regulated Militia, [is] necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This exists precisely because our founders wanted to allow us the ability to protect ourselves from our own government.

Then how do we stop gun violence? We focus on the things that cause it in the first place, poverty? mental health? Scientists aren’t sure because there has been virtually no funding, but we can change that and begin to work right away on finding solutions to this senseless crisis.